I Hear Sirens in the Street

A Detective Sean Duffy Novel

Adrian McKinty

320 pp
ISBN 978-1-61614-787-7
Paperback • $15.95
May 2013

North American Rights


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There's always a clue.
Sometimes it's just hard to see.

A torso in a suitcase looks like an impossible case. But Sean Duffy isn't easily deterred, especially when his floundering love life leaves him in
need of distraction. So, with Detective Constables McCrabban and McBride, he goes to work identifying the victim. The torso turns out to be all that's left of an American tourist who once served in the US military. What was he doing in Northern Ireland in the midst of the 1982 Troubles?


The trail leads to the doorstep of a beautiful, flame-haired, twenty-something widow, whose husband died at the hands of an IRA assassination team just a few months before. Suddenly, Duffy is caught between his romantic instincts, gross professional misconduct, and powerful men he should know better than to mess with. These include British intelligence, the FBI, and local paramilitary death squads, enough to keep even the savviest detective busy.


Duffy's growing sense of self-doubt isn't helping. But, being a legendarily stubborn man, he doesn't let that stop him pursuing the case to its explosive conclusion.

"In this pitch-perfect sequel to The Cold Cold Ground...Duffy is nearly overwhelmed by politics. This is crime fiction at its best: a police procedural with dialogue that's crisp and occasionally lighthearted; blistering action that's often lethal; McKinty's mordant Belfastian wit; and a protagonist readers won't want to leave behind when the trilogy ends."
-BOOKLIST, starred review


"I Hear the Sirens in the Street blew my bloody doors off!"
-IAN RANKIN, author of the Inspector Rebus novels


"Adrian McKinty has the chops to do all manner of things with words, and in I Hear the Sirens in the Street he unleashes a strain of rough and visual, sly and lyric narrative prose in service of one hell of a story. Sean Duffy is a great creation, a figure of many parts, and the place comes alive."
-DANIEL WOODRELL, author of The Outlaw Album: Stories



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