Deadly Catch

A Mac McClellan Mystery

E. Michael Helms


225 pp
ISBN 978-1-61614-867-6
Paperback • $15.95
November 2013

Also available in ebook format
World Rights



After twenty-four years in the marines, Mac McClellan is happy to be a civilian again and let others take charge, but that's not going to happen until he clears his name as the number one suspect in a murder.


When recently retired U.S. Marine Mac McClellan hooks a badly decomposed body while enjoying a leisurely fishing vacation in the Florida panhandle, and then a bag of rare marijuana is discovered stashed aboard his rental boat, he realizes someone is setting him up to take the fall for murder and drug smuggling. Mac and Kate Bell, a feisty saleslady at the local marina with whom he has struck up a promising relationship, launch an investigation to clear his name. Along the way Mac must butt heads and match wits with local law enforcement officials, shady politicians, and strong-armed thugs from the Eastern Seaboard to sniff out and bring the real smugglers and killer to justice.


Praise for Of Blood and Brothers:

"A page-turning story of love, honor and esprit de corps that pits brother against brother. Helms' personal combat experience brings vivid realism to the battle scenes and way of life during and after the epic war…."

—Major General James E. Livingston, USMC (Ret.), recipient of the Medal of Honor for heroism in Vietnam, author of Noble Warrior

"A well-researched and skillfully-woven blend of historical fact, fiction and engrossing storytelling. Helms's impressive writing and use of dialogue bring to life the characters an
story in this fast-paced novel."

—L.D. Hill, Civil War collector, researcher
and genealogist, Decorated Fleet Marine Force Corpsman, Vietnam


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